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> Passionate about Nature, Culture & Adventure Holidays
> Expert in responsible Tourism & Hospitality Services
> Devoted to community development and nature conservation
> Experienced in both private and small group tours

I am  a nature lover, feel responsible while I am traveling, and leading bird-watching and wildlife adventure trips really is my passion. Right after my college I had an opportunity to work as a naturalist in Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park in Nepal where I was involved in Tiger conservation and Community Development projects and leading Wildlife & Bird watching groups. Later in 1994 I joined travel trade and travelled intensively throughout Nepal, Indian Su-continent, south East Asia  and around the world developing myself as responsible nature tour operators and DMC. I and my team enjoy operating the finest selection of professionally organized, expert-led cultural, wildlife, and adventure  holidays in the Himalayas, Indian Sub-Continent and South East Asia.  Our program of holidays is unique because our approach is based on the concept of alternative and responsible tourism. For any developing countries, I believe tourism can be also a great tool for sustainable development.  

travel-to-nature Asia vision is to operate in a prudent manner so as to minimize negative impact to our environment, and, to proactively use our expertise for the benefit of the community. As a responsible tour operator, we deeply care about economic development, social development and environmental protection. Sustainability is key to our business strategy and part of the ongoing innovation process. We endeavor to create value for all our stakeholders i.e. employees, customers, business partners, suppliers  and communities. In this quest we are constantly exploring ways to embed sustainable practices across all aspects of our tour operations and protect the nature and support local communities by inspiring travelers.

All our trips are interlinked with other components of community development and visitors are directly or indirectly involved and integrated with conservation and project activities as part of the most unique eco-tourism experience. At the same time, it helps create better understanding between visitors and communities they travel. 

We enjoy taking you to see the true Asian nature, culture & experience adventure with great care and those who love what they do.  

And this year on we plan to go just a little bit further exploring Asia and we invite you to join us!!


Krishna Karki

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